Windows Keyfinder – Uninstall the Unwanted Windows Applications

Windows Keyfinder – Uninstall the Unwanted Windows Applications:

How to recover lost Microsoft Windows Activation key with Recover Keys? Launch your Microsoft Windows keyfinder, select the Scan option and the search box will appear. In the search results, double-click on the Windows Keyfinder icon. You will be shown a list of all the drivers on your system. Select the driver you want to repair from the available list and click on the “Repair Drivers” button.

If your windows keyfinder cannot find any missing drivers, it will suggest you install the latest version of your operating system. Windows XP is the only operating system which supports a 32-bit architecture. Installing a Windows Server OS or Vista also enables you to regain the ability to use the older versions of Windows. While Windows Keyfinder will detect missing or faulty drivers, you will still need to download and install the ones you need. The process is quite easy if you follow the instructions outlined below:

Windows Keyfinder

To recover Windows Activation key, launch your Microsoft Windows keyfinder, double-click on the “Support” tab. Select the language and country in which you are using the Windows operating system. In case your machine is not equipped with a built-in help menu, you can use the help help-desk support center. There you will get help on how to install custom support tools and how to retrieve the latest version of the operating system and other important documentation like an FAQ, Helpdesk Guide and more. After selecting a support option, launch your windows keyfinder.

The next step is to register the product with Microsoft and create your restore point. Launch your Windows Keyfinder, select the option to import the latest drivers, software, and profile that are required for your application. Once you have done so, you will notice that your computer is now able to recognize your files and folders. It is advisable that you save all your important data in a separate location before proceeding to the next step. Your Windows Keyfinder will automatically detect all the installed windows drivers and their respective folders and automatically mount them on your computer’s desktop.

How to Use Windows Keyfinder Software On PC

Once you are done with detecting the drivers, you should look for all the missing and corrupted profiles that are causing problems with your windows installation. You will notice that some of the programs are working but are not detected by your key cleaner. These are mainly missing drivers and non-microsoft applications.

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Once your computer has identified the missing drivers, it is time to identify the corresponding missing or corrupt application software. Launch your Windows Keyfinder, click the Browse tab, and then search for all the corresponding applications that are causing trouble. Once you are through with this step, you can delete them manually or permanently remove using the tool.

Uninstall the Unwanted Windows Applications:

You might not be aware of it but there are two main ways for you to get rid of these useless application software. The first method is to reinstall the product and use the uninstall utility that comes with the package. It is imperative that you backup all the data in your system registry prior to attempting installation. When you backup your registry, you can restore any lost information in case you encounter a problem while trying to uninstall the program. There are more efficient methods that allow you to remove the unwanted windows product keys without worrying about any back damage to your operating system.

To use product keyfinder zip file to efficiently remove the unwanted keys on your operating system, you need to download the zip file from the Microsoft website. Launch the application that will allow you to locate and extract all the folders and files associated with the unwanted key. Once you are through with this process, you can safely delete the zip file to free your computer from unwanted key creations.

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