What are SpaceMonger? – Why Is It Good For Managing Large Files?

What are SpaceMonger? – Why Is It Good For Managing Large Files?:

What is SpaceMonger? SpaceMonger is an online treemap tool for multiple hard disk and file systems. Map, scan and manage PCs, NAS and cloud data storage. Copy, move and retrieve files from any storage device on the web. Import or upload your own data and back up all of it instantly.

Why use SpaceMonger ? For most small businesses, managing various storage needs is a time consuming and difficult process. You might need to backup important customer information, server software, or company assets, etc. Keeping track of entire systems can be time consuming. If you use a free or shareware software program to maintain your system, you will need to backup your data often, to ensure system performance. But with the innovative technology of SpaceMonger, managing storage needs is a breeze.


How does spaceMonger work? It works by consolidating different storage spaces, such as local hard drives, external USB hard drive, workstations, or online data stores (such as Dropbox and Google Docs) into a single location. When you create a space, it will become available for use. Once you are done using a certain space, it will be automatically deleted, no matter if it was used recently or not. You can even move folders around without deleting them, which is great for large files and data-intensive tasks.

The main interface of SpaceMonger looks like a grid of square boxes, with a few extra features. A movable ‘push button’ located on the left panel allows you to map drives and create new storage. The main pane of the toolbar controls the mapping of the drives and the other panes show the location and size of each drive. Each drive has a number, and the color of the drive is different-green, blue, red-these correspond to the types of files it is meant to act as an anchor for. If a drive is mapped to a folder, a rectangle with a black border is displayed beside the drive in the left panel, indicating the exact position and size of the folder.

What are SpaceMonger?

A Treemap in SpaceMonger helps you locate files and folders easily. A Treemap helps you organize your files by their root directory (also called the root), group of friends, or individual files. You can also see at a glance whether the folder you’re working on is mapped to a particular account or not. You can also see a summary of all mapped folders in the center pane of the treemap.

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SpaceMonger comes with a few features to help you maximize your disk space use, like the ability to automatically defragment your hard disk. Defragmenting your disk space is like reorganizing your files so that they are stored more compactly in your cloud storage. The program can also perform regular maintenance on your disk space, so that you don’t have to. It will automatically schedule a scan with the software backup manager to check if there are fragmented files and reassemble them into a coherent storage space, so you won’t have to.

Why Is It Good For Managing Large Files?

SpaceMonger provides an easy-to-use wizard to help you map your specified folders or files and create the necessary folders. When starting up SpaceMonger, you will be prompted with a list of three folders to choose from, “Local System”, “Windows XPerved States”, and “Microsoft Windows”. You can choose a type of primary partition (usually a logical disk), and a primary partition can be configured as “active” or “guest”. You may also choose to create a secondary partition. You may not need this step unless you plan to use another application for managing files on the secondary partition.

When complete, SpaceMonger will proceed to create a treemap. The treemap will allow you to drill down and view all the mapped locations. Each folder and sub-folders will be shown on the map, and you can move, rename, or delete any of the folders contained within the treemap. You can also zoom in and out using the keyboard shortcuts defined in the SpaceMonger control panel. After creating the treemap, you can modify it by selecting “New Treemap” or “View in Explorer.” By using the “Map” option, you can create different maps for different purposes such as showing your working directory on the map, or for showing all the folders and sub-folders on your local system.

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