Transfer Data Between Smartphones Using BlackBerry Desktop Software

Transfer Data Between Smartphones Using BlackBerry Desktop Software:

BlackBerry Desktop Software is an absolutely must-have software application for those who own BlackBerry smartphones. With this software you can easily sync your BlackBerry smartphone to a computer, and remotely perform many of its other functions. This is possible because the BlackBerry Desktop Software solution connects to the BlackBerry via a USB port, using which it communicates with your computer over the wireless network. It lets you use your BlackBerry as if it was an ordinary desktop computer. BlackBerry Desktop Software offers five main functions:

BlackBerry Desktop Software: BlackBerry Desktop Software allows you to synchronize your BlackBerry’s data with your personal desktop or laptop. This enables you to use your BlackBerry to view and manipulate the same data from either the phone or the computer. It also lets you edit, change, or view the same information both on your BlackBerry and on your computer. This feature comes with BlackBerry Mobile Enterprise Software, which ensures that your information stays secure and private, and with easy access from any device including USB storage devices, PDA, tablet computers, and other gadgets. BlackBerry Desktop Software comes free of charge.

BlackBerry Desktop Software

BlackBerry Manager: BlackBerry Manager is a stand-alone program that synchronizes your BlackBerry devices with your computer. This lets you create and backup calendars, contact information, and tasks and schedules. You can also synchronize data between your BlackBerry and your laptop or mobile phone. You can also download and install additional applications such as an Address Book, a calculator, a weather application, or a corporate directory. This device data manager offers several advanced functions, which are exclusive to BlackBerry smartphones.

BlackBerry Media Server: BlackBerry Media Server is a great way to manage your multimedia files on your smartphone. You can synchronize your photos, videos, music, text documents, as well as files in the Camera, Documents folder, App folders, and Yahoo Mail folder on your smartphone or tablet. This means that when you get ready to watch a movie on your smartphone, for example, you don’t need to transfer all those media files to your laptop or desktop computer to play it. You can simply connect your smartphone or tablet to your home theater system and enjoy the latest high-definition video on your television screen.

How to Use BlackBerry Desktop Software in PC?

BlackBerry Desktop Software helps you stay organized and manage your day to day tasks using all the devices you have. You can easily check email, reply to messages, search for something specific, forward email, etc. Once you tap ok on the ‘send email’ option, your message is sent to the recipient without sending it to your primary email. You can also use the calendar to view your scheduled events, contacts, tasks, and notes.

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This BlackBerry Desktop Software is designed to make your life easier. It lets you stay connected to the latest news, your email, social networking sites, blogs, business apps, and weather forecasts. With this app, you can do everything you need to do on your smartphone with just a few simple taps. For example, if you want to check your Facebook status, just tap the ‘Check Facebook’ option from the main menu of BlackBerry Desktop Software. The feature helps you stay updated with your favorite social networking site through a clean and updated interface.

Transfer Data Between Smartphones Using BlackBerry Desktop Software:

If you own a Blackberry Smartphone, you know how difficult it is to find and back up your data. BlackBerry Desktop Software offers a complete solution to backing up your data. The built in ‘My BlackBerry Live’ feature offers a simple, unified way of automatically backing up all your data. The only thing you need to do is to add the folders or files you want backed up. With a single tap, your entire BlackBerry device gets backed up.

All your important files are safely stored on BlackBerry Desktop Software, ensuring that you never lose any of them. The BlackBerry Desktop Software gives you total control over your mobile device. It lets you quickly add new files as well as transfer data from other BlackBerry smartphones. With simple, one-touch setup, you can personalize your smartphone exactly how you like. With a large collection of over 100+ wallpapers, you never have to worry about changing your device look.

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