Experience the thrill of a Real Race With iRacing – Download Online iRacing for PC

Experience the thrill of a Real Race With iRacing – Download Online iRacing for PC:

iRacing is the leading online racing game in the world with millions of active players. It is an interactive driving simulation game with multiple player modes. The iRacing website was launched in early 2008 and is still under development. In early 2008, iRacing was purchased by Formula One racing team Maro Italia.

iRacing uses a new technology called the In-game Editing. It is similar to that of the famous WL MotionPlus. With the help of this software, you can edit your performance in the tracks and the overall performance of your car and its controls. You can apply different strategies in the real time in the iRacing game, changing the track and the strategies on the fly. The steering wheel moves are smooth and realistic with the options available in the steering wheel.


For more than five years, the virtual tracks have been provided by the official Formula One teams. This way the players get the experience of the race and learn about the strategies of winning. The game also provides the experience of simulating a race with a full version of the cars and the tracks. The users can either use the existing or the latest version of iRacing. You can either choose the virtual courses provided by the company or the ones based on real life events. The professional iRacing service providers provide the customized virtual track installations and these make the driving more exciting.

In April 2008, iRacing introduced the new iRacing: Tour de France with the participation of Formula One teams. The Tour de France is one of the most famous and popular motor sports events and features some of the most beautiful and challenging Grand Canyon tracks. This is the most awaited update to the popular online racing series. It includes some of the most spectacular stages of the grand slams including Pit lane, Parc des Olivers, Mont Tre Fontain, St. Michel, and Paris. With the new season coming up in June 2009, it becomes all the more important for the game developers to come out with new exciting race tracks.

Download Online iRacing for PC

For the beginners, the iRacing series drivers are given a chance to hone their skills and knowledge of driving by going through some difficult challenges. The realistic artificial intelligence of the software helps the drivers to adapt to the changing situations. They can either practice alone or compete with other fellow drivers online or against the computer. There are different iRacing championships in which the best results can be garnered depending on your performance.

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Apart from this, the online racing game also features the pit crew challenges. The pit crew has a crucial role in the race due to the heavy workload they have to carry out. The game provides many opportunities for the rookies to learn how to handle and man those tricky positions at the right time. In addition to this, the rookie can also improve his driving style so that he can soon qualify for the big races.

Experience the thrill of a Real Race With iRacing

If you are looking for some fast-paced realistic driving then you must definitely try the March race series. This is one of the most exciting iRacing games where the drivers take a pit stop to change the car. This experience will surely help the young drivers to gain valuable experience while also strengthening their motor skills. One of the most popular features of this series is the ability to use both the brakes and accelerate the car depending on the situation. This is a good way for the young drivers to get accustomed to the real feeling of driving a car while they are still developing their skills.

For the more experienced players, the iRacing Real Street Robots allows them to take control of three of the real street legal race cars. The software has an amazing selection of exotic cars such as the Cadillac Escalade, Jaguar X-rio, and Porsche Boxster. This option is available for premium members who can enjoy more than 40 real race sessions with real-time demonstrations. If you are a new driver who is looking forward to improving your driving skills with iRacing then the premium iRacing package may be the perfect choice for you.

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