Create Accurate DWG File Format Designs With DraftSight

Create Accurate DWG File Format Designs With DraftSight:

DraftSight is an innovative feature-rich 2D & 3D CAD application for builders, engineers, architects, and commercial construction service providers, and professional CAD users, architects, educators, and hobbyist alike. This innovative tool gives you the ability to design with accuracy and precision. If you are considering of making any changes in your design, it will save you time, money, and efforts. For example, if you are thinking of changing one structure from four walls to five walls but you are not sure if this will give the desired effect to your building or not, you can easily change that without having to go through the expensive remodeling process. It also allows you to change one wall at a time without making several visits to your drafting table to make minor adjustments. You simply need to point your mouse to the new location, and have Draftsight pick the new draftstake and continue with your other work.

Unlike traditional 2d software, DWG (Digital Work Drawing) format used in conventional computers does not allow a user to manipulate or even add, thus making the design more difficult to modify. With the help of Draftsight, the full range of drafting features becomes available. You can now manipulate all the aspects of the project in great detail, simply by selecting certain features in the drawing tool and dragging, dropping, or modifying anything within the drawing. This is because Draftsight has built-in tools that support the most popular CAD packages like Rhino, Intellicad, Smartflash, and Xara.


The other amazing feature that sets Draftsight apart from other CAD packages is the fact that it supports both AutoCAD and Solidworks. With Solidworks, you can create both AutoCAD drawings as well as DWG format drawings. However, Solidworks offers a bit more functionality than the other two software packages. It has the capability to export AutoCAD drawings into DWG format. DWG file is compatible with almost all CAD applications.

Another very useful tool provided by the makers of Draftsight is its DFD/DWDN (Displays, Data, Directories, and Numeric) viewer. This makes working with DWG files much easier because you can view all your DWG drawings with ease. Moreover, this feature also supports direct exporting to clipboard/external application. The DFD/DWDN viewer allows you to browse and select your DWG drawings.

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Another key advantage of the software is that it comes with additional features that can help you expedite the work. One such additional feature is SmartLite, a fully featured, automatic white balance correction tool. It can automatically detect the most accurate color temperature. Other added features include Advanced Toolbar, Color Picker, Advanced Raster Graphics Capability, Copy Image to clipboard, Browser, and Connected Network Capability, etc. It is very useful for those who are in need of speed in their DWG files.

How to Download DraftSight

With the introduction of DWG, there has been a gradual growth in the number of suppliers offering CAD systems that include DWG files. Most of them offer industry-specific toolsets to meet the specific needs of different manufacturing industries. In this regard, it is important that you identify the specific needs of your industry and choose a vendor who can provide the right combination of features. You should ensure that the tools provided by your vendor will meet your business goals and requirements.

The professional cad users have an edge over the rest of the market-place, simply because they are more experienced when it comes to using these advanced features. Many of the experienced designers/programmers do not have any experience in 3d drafting or CAD design. On the other hand, these professionals are in huge demand across various industries. The fact that they possess good 2d CAD design experience and possess extensive knowledge of two file formats makes them more capable of designing products that are innovative and attractive.

For a beginner, it is important that he/she/he acquires sufficient knowledge about the product and acquire a working knowledge on how to operate the various features. Once you have a clear understanding on how to use the features, it becomes easy for you to navigate through the settings, select the units, modify values, add materials, and so on. This then enables you to easily create accurate topologies and design drawings in the dwg file format. In a nutshell, you can easily create professional-looking drawings and models with DraftSight.

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