best place to farm gold in wow

Best Places to Farm Gold in WoW

Are you tired of being broke in World of Warcraft? Are you looking for the best places to farm gold in WoW? Look no further! In this article, we will be discussing some of the most profitable locations for farming gold in World of Warcraft.

What to Consider When Farming for Gold

Before we dive into the details, it’s important to understand what you should consider when farming for gold in WoW. Here are a few factors to keep in mind:

  1. Location: Some places yield more gold than others. You want to find a location that has a high density of valuable enemies or resources.
  2. Efficiency: Farming for gold can be tedious, so you want to maximize your time by choosing a location that allows you to quickly kill enemies or gather resources.
  3. Competition: The more people farming in a location, the less gold you will make. You want to find a location that has a low amount of competition.

Best Places to Farm Gold

  1. Farming Herbs in Zin’anthid in Nazjatar

Zin’anthid is a herb that can be found in Nazjatar, and it’s one of the most valuable herbs in the game right now. While it’s a popular spot, the sheer amount of herbing spots available means that you’ll still be able to gather plenty of herbs.

To farm Zin’anthid, simply fly around Nazjatar and look for herb nodes. You can also use addons like GatherMate to help you find the herb nodes faster.

  1. Farming Skinning Mats in Drustvar

Drustvar is an excellent location for skinning. The area has a high density of animals and beasts that can be skinned for leather, which can be sold on the auction house for a good amount of gold. Additionally, some rare mobs in the area drop valuable boe epics that can be sold for thousands of gold.

  1. Farming Elemental Fire in Un’Goro Crater

Un’Goro Crater is an oldie but a goodie. This location is great for farming Elemental Fire, which can be sold for significant amounts of gold. The spawn rate of the Fire Elementals is high, and they have a chance to drop valuable loot.

  1. Farming Ore in Vol’dun

Vol’dun is an excellent location for farming ore. The area has a high density of ore nodes, making it easy to gather large quantities of ore quickly. Additionally, rare mobs in the area drop valuable boe epics that can be sold for large amounts of gold.

  1. Farming for Vendor Trash in Isle of Thunder

Isle of Thunder is an often overlooked location for farming gold. The area has a high density of enemies that drop a large amount of grey vendor trash. While the items themselves aren’t worth much, the sheer amount of enemies in the area means that you can collect a lot of vendor trash in a short amount of time.


Farming for gold in WoW can be a tedious but necessary task for players who want to maintain a high standard of living in-game. While there are many different locations that players can farm gold, the areas listed in this article provide some of the best opportunities to make a significant amount of gold in a short amount of time. Keep in mind the factors we discussed above when choosing a farming location – location, efficiency, and competition – and you should be on your way to a healthy gold balance in no time!

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