Applying Applications To Your AutoCAD 360 Project

Applying Applications To Your AutoCAD 360 Project :

AutoCAD 360 is an easy-to-use, free, full-featured mobile drawing and architectural drafting app that expand the power of CAD technology beyond the desktop. Design, review, and approve of CAD designs, eliminating on-site repetitive redline work, as well as unnecessary design reviews and approvals. It’s perfect for architectural and structural engineers, architects, remodeling contractors, interior designers, or management personnel who need advanced AutoCAD applications to quickly and easily manage all elements of their projects. AutoCAD 360 provides many exciting new capabilities that simplify and make more efficient your life as a skilled AutoCAD engineer or architect. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of these new features.

One popular feature of the popular PC application is the ability to publish AutoCAD drawings to the web. This is now possible on mobile devices, thanks to the AutoCAD 360 Mobile Software package. The program allows you to easily send your AutoCAD drawings to clients via email, instant message, or SMS. Using this method, you can reach your entire work force, even those who may have access to cellular phone data carriers only through some carriers.

AutoCAD 360

To save time while on the go, another added benefit of the new AutoCAD 360 mobile app is the draw tool preview. This enables you to view your AutoCAD drawings in different sizes in portrait, landscape, or boxed format. Depending on which AutoCAD software you’re currently working with, you can save the drawing in either format. This will allow your drawings to be easily shared among colleagues, customers, or other associates.

The built-in Storage Feature in the latest version of this CAD-based computer application also makes it easier to share and publish your drawings. You can upload and save drawings in High-resolution PDF format, JPEG or Paint format, or even as TIFF (WAV) file. The AutoCAD 360 Mobile Software also allows users to upload their own drawings so that they can be used for any purpose. For example, if a client needs an image of a part of your work, you can easily upload the drawing.

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This is a very convenient feature of the latest version of the popular CAD-based drawing software. You can create and edit AutoCAD drawings from any source such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, or other graphics document. You can also select AutoCAD drawing coordinates directly from Microsoft Outlook or other email accounts. The following highlights the importance of the drawing coordinate feature in the latest version of the popular program:

How to Use AutoCAD 360?

With the Draw Tools that are available in this version of the software, you can draw lines, shapes and modify AutoCAD models directly on the mobile device. The latest version of the app allows you to convert text into AutoCAD graphics. Moreover, you can even combine text with AutoCAD drawings. You can import any other material, such as logos or contact details, to make it even more convenient to design your layout or project information on the fly.

On the other hand, the use of the CAD-based drawings is more convenient than the use of the computer-based drawings because you can save money on printing and paper costs, plus you do not need to download any software. Furthermore, you can export drawings and other materials in PDF format, a common format that is widely accepted by most electronic publishing systems. All these can help you present your AutoCAD 360 designs to prospective customers or business partners. Hence, the potential to expand your business through the use of the mobile app for AutoCAD 360 should not be underestimated.

In this age of information technology and constant changes, the traditional ways of presenting business materials may no longer be acceptable for everyone. For example, there are many businesses today who use social media or are involved in online networking. These types of marketing campaigns require online visibility, and that requires people to have computers or smart phones with them at all times. If you want to ensure the success of your marketing campaign, you should consider using the latest versions of both programs, since the functionality of both programs is almost the same on their latest models. With the latest version of the AutoCAD 360 mobile device, you will also get additional functionality, including the AutoCAD Elements setup, the AutoCAD 360 reference data tool and the AutoCAD 360 export and import tool.

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